Synthetic grass or astro turf as it used to be called is available under many brand names from our 2 main manufactures, APT Asia Pacific and Urban Turf Solutions. Both manufacturers are based in Australia with similar UV warranties being 8yrs. Cheap imported turf can fade in colour quickly and yarn can break down just as quick.

There is a large product range available for all sporting surfaces, manufactured specifically to perform for each sport. Most of these sporting surfaces will need a washed and dried silica sand infill, evenly groomed into syn grass for a consistant bounce or roll of the ball. This sand infill will weight stabilise the surface as well. Artificial turf can be installed over concrete, bitumen, timber, tiles and stabilised loam bases in a variety of different colours. Synthetic grass is improving all the time with domestic landscape products looking more like real grass and feels like natural grass under foot. No watering or mowing,drains and wears well and is child and pet friendly.

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