I specialise in the surfacing and resurfacing of sports courts and facilities in acrylic paint and synthetic grass.With society so busy I also install synthetic grass in domestic properties. I am fully licensed and insured and professionally structured.

Backyard Artificial Lawn

DIY Artificial Lawn Landscaping

In our busy society today many people are installing synthetic grass on their properties to give them a superior look and give themselves more leisure time.There are a wide range of products available to suit todays modern lifestyle providing a surface that adds to the value of your home.

Synthetic Turf is:

  • Suitable for harsh climates which doesn’t require mowing or watering
  • Manicured and feels and looks great all year round
  • Drains and wears better than natural grass
  • Easy to clean,eliminates dirt and grass clippings
  • Is pet and children friendly
Lawn Bowls


  • Tennis Courts
  • Bowling Greens
  • Futsal Fields
  • Cricket Wickets
  • Multi Sports Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Netball Courts
  • Residential Turf
  • Football Fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Golf Greens
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Accessories
  • Fencing
  • Maintenance
Cricket Pitch Surfaces


A sporting facility can be bought to life by restoring them with new fencing,resurfacing or a maintenance service.I carry out on site inspections,make suggestions to renew you’re your facility. Manufactures  offer a range of colours and surfaces to suit your sporting facility.


Maintenance is a very important procedure that will help the over all durability and the life of your sporting facility.I can provide ongoing care and maintenance for your sporting facility.

Synthetic  Grass

This is the most popular surface used today as it is low maintenance and comfortable under foot.There are many options in colours and surface types depending on personal preference and budget.


I use Playpave products for our hardcourts, which provides a highly durable, all weather sporting surface with excellent abrasion and uniform texture. Playpave is a cost effective way to bring new life into asphalt or concrete surfaces.